Paw Stories

We all know that dogs are human’s best friend and they are so faithful towards us. Dogs can do anything for us. We've seen many videos in Social Medias like Facebook and YouTube about dogs saving someone who is drowning or someone who needs help. 

Something similar happened to Achal Gupta  who lives in New Delhi. He has his paw friend named as JEFF The Rottweiler. 

Jeff saved Achal Gupta and his whole family from an electric shock when all of them were sleeping.

Source: Jeff the Rottweiler


The Incident as described by Achal:

Jeff came to us in January 2016 when he was 2 months old. He is a KCI (Kennel Club of India) registered pup and pure bred by Von Pardeep Kennel near Amritsar. Jeff is almost 6 months old as for 14th May, 2016. He is a very happy playful and alert puppy. He loves meeting new people and going for walks in the park, chasing squirrels.

The incident happened on the 26-27 April night.

Our water tanks are located on the roof top and they have sensor which stops the motor in case someone forgets to turn it off. Ironically the motor was left on that night and the sensors in the tank failed for some reason. We don't know at what time it started overflowing until Jeff woke me up. He sleeps on first floor of a 4story house in my room. I slept around 1am and there were no sounds of a supposed waterfall by the water overflow and dripping down the stairs and other parts. Couple of our family members returned from a marriage at 1.30am and still that time everything was normal. Probably the tank roof and the next level roof were getting flooded unaware and water was about to flow under the doors into the house. Around 2-2.15am Jeff started whining and making noises.

I didn't pay attention as it could have been natures call for him so I am in the process of training him to hold till morning. I was in sleep and now feel hearing those whining calls. Water had started gushing into the house on the first floor from 3rd to 2nd. 

Jeff started barking. Got on my bed scratched me and scratched the door. I got up frantically and there was this loud noise of water flowing. At first I thought it’s a storm and has gotten into the house. As I walked out my feet were absolutely covered in water. So 3-5inches flooded the house.

Jeff kept barking in front of my parents’ room as I went up to check. My father got up and we saw the whole situation. And we tried to stop the water from flowing downstairs with sheets, towels, pillows and anything that could stop the water form flowing.
The funny part is after a few members of our house were up and aware Jeff calmly went inside my room and slept on his bed. He had done his job. 

Don't let the cuteness fool you, Jeff is a Hero by all means. Source:  Jeff the Rottweiler


It took 3 hours to drain the water. The drains had blocked because mud and dirt had accumulated.

1 set of inverter is on the top floor on a 1/2 foot height from ground and another set is in the basement. The upstairs  was onset for a short circuit.

If Jeff would have been late even by 5 minutes water would have reached it and our whole house would faced the shock. Also there are insect repellent/killing blue light machine in the house. Thankfully they were switched off that night.

Jeff really sensed danger and suspicious sounds. He is only little over 5.5 months. Can't thank him enough ever. Though nothing happened but if we did not have JEFF it would have probably been a fire or loud burst which could have got us our worst night ever." Achal ends the story with some joyful tears and kissing his hero on his forehead.

Well done Jeff. You have saved your human and proved once again , "Dogs are Mans's best friend".

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