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A heartwarming video captures the incredible transformation of Augustus, a stray dog that was found in such bad condition that no one could guess his breed.

The video (see below), uploaded to YouTube on August 27, 2015, by The Daily Share, summarizes the inspiring rescue story of Augustus, a Border Collie mix, who was sighted wandering in the neighborhoods of Northwest Alabama.

Because the mangy dog looked like a monster, people treated him roughly, shooing him off and throwing things at him to make him stay away.

But dog loving citizens who noticed the dog’s plight, neglect, and abuse, contacted the Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) and told them about the dog.


According to HASRA, on the Facebook page Augustus 2.0, dedicated to the dog, tracking Augustus proved challenging because he was always on the move. He tried to avoid people because many were not nice to him due to his strange appearance, caused by severe mange.

AugustusAugustus, When He First Arrived At The HASRA Shelter

But HASRA finally captured him on May 18 with the help of an animal lover who won the dog’s confidence by feeding him.

AugustusAugustus Was In Such Poor Condition That No One Could Guess His Breed.

When Augustus first arrived at HASRA, he was in a terrible condition. He was underweight and suffered from severe mange that left his entire body covered in thick crust. He also had worms and ear infection.

The photos show what he looked like at different stages of recovery. Caregivers were uncertain at the time he was first captured what breed of dog he was. They realized that he was a Border Collie mix only after he began recovering the thick and glossy black and white coat, characteristic of the famous breed.

AugustusAugustus After Most Of The Scab On His Body Had Peeled Off

After Augustus began treatment at a veterinary clinic, he improved quickly. He was treated with antibiotics and a gel applied daily to his skin to make the scabs fall off.

According to a worker with HASRA, the scabs on the dog’s body “peeled off like potato chips” over the course of treatment, leaving him with raw skin that made him look like a burn victim.

Even at this stage, HASARA caregivers were uncertain about his breed.

After treatment at the veterinary clinic for a few weeks, he was moved to the HASRA shelter, where he was treated daily, as prescribed by vets, with coconut oil rubbed on his skin.

AugustusAugustus Recovering

Although Augustus was in pain throughout the period he was under treatment, he remained quiet, gentle, and trusting, and allowed caregivers to handle him.

As he recovered, he became livelier and proved to be a well-mannered and affectionate dog.

The staff at HASRA fell in love with him and started a Facebook page, Augustus 2.0, dedicated to the dog. On the Facebook page, his caregivers shared with dog lovers around the world their daily experience of nursing “Auggie” back to health.

AugustusAugustus Proved To Be a Border Collie Mix After He Recovered His Coat

The Facebook page quickly gained the attention of dog lovers and acquired considerable following.

Augustus recovered quickly and acquired, once again, the normal smooth, shiny black and white coat characteristic of the Border Collie breed.

AugustusAugustus Nursed Back To Health

His caregivers watched his incredible transformation in awe and the regeneration of his coat which revealed his breed.

And finally in July, a woman called Jordan Crist, who owns a dog, called Layla, and a cat, adopted him.

The photo posted to Facebook (see above) shows Augustus happy with his new family.

[Images: Facebook / Augustus 2.0; Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt]