Paw of the Month

Ayyaboy is from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His mum Anu Raja and dad Thiruna saved him from the street. His previous owners left him homeless when he had eye ulcer.

Anu’s friend kept him at her place for few days after finding him on the street and after that Anu brought him home. Now he is free from the eye ulcer. Her husband Thiruna and mother in law loves him like their own son.

Anu says, “He the best thing that happened to me after my husband. He is the joy of my family”


Ayyaboy’s Story as told by Anu Raja:

Ayyaboy had eye ulcer when I brought him home. I took him to the vet after that. They had to give him injections and lots of medicines which he didn't like. I had to spend a lot of time with him to get him back to full health.

He also had low calcium, I applied a cream into his eyes every night, he had flu because of the medication but I managed to get him med for that too.

He drank milk every night after his dinner. He slept with my hubby during this time, he woke us up every day at 3am, just to go for potty. He went to sleep again after that.The most difficult part us holding him to apply the cream in his eye as he was still a pup and was very naughty.

He recovered because of the vet’s medicine and now he is happy not only with me but the whole family.

I'm happy that I found a son like him. I love him a lot.