Paw Blogs

Sometimes we unintentionally commit mistakes that can break the heart of our dearest furry friend. They leave an indelible mark on their minds and change their behavior towards us. Here’s a look at some of these things -

1. Leaving the dog alone
Dogs are domesticated animals craving human presence. Leaving your dog in your friend’s house isn’t going to help as all it wants is you. Try taking your dog with you if situation permits.

2. Not allowing him near strangers
A dog sniffs out strangers to know more about them. It is his natural instinct. Snubbing him for being too inquisitive is not the solution. Of course, do teach him to be civilized!

3. Not playing with him
Once again, go out and play with him. Dogs are playful by nature because they learn everything through play. Not playing with him simmers down his spirit. It is good for your sedentary lifestyle too.

4. Not letting him cuddle with you? 
You have had a bad day. Dogs have an uncanny ability to sense your mood, and hence may want to shoo away your worries with a cozy cuddle or a slobbery lick. Let him do it. It will only ease your pain.

5. Not giving him a bite of ‘your food’
This is heartbreaking for them as they try to coax you with their all-innocent and starry eyes. You scored a brownie point by not giving him a bite from your food. But remember, not all foods are meant for dogs. Your dog should learn that quickly.

6. Not giving him a bite of ‘his favourite treat’
Surely, he is authorized to have ‘his favourite treat’ occasionally, if he is not supposed to eat your food. You would look real selfish if you chomp away your favourite delicacies while your dog continues staring at you waiting for his!

7. Not letting him close to other dogs
Think of your neighbour’s dog to be a bad influence? You might be right, but letting him play with other dogs enhances his social adaptability. Don’t break his heart by not letting him play with other dogs.

8. Not letting him sleep on the couch or the bed
He takes you to be his family and that is the reason he stamps his authority on our favourite couch as his own. Try not to make him feel like a stranger unless he starts smelling like one.

9. Giving a timely bath 
Another brownie point for you! Dogs hate having a bath but somehow don’t seem to get their own body odour, do they? But that shouldn’t stop you from giving him a bath. Afterall, it’s good for their hygiene.

10. Disciplining him for petty things
Snubbing him for every petty thing makes him apprehensive of your behavior. Your dog is your friend and so should be treated like one.

11. Locking him in when strangers arrive.around
You just strangled your dog’s friendly attitude. Show him proudly to your guests.

12. Not letting him sniff around
We know you can’t and he will learn it over time. But for the time being I am speaking for them!

13. Committing violence
Your dog is your friend and not your slave. Dignity is his right!

14. Not cleaning his water bowl
You clean his food bowl everytime after the meal. But what about the water bowl? Do you remember to clean it daily? Imagine if you are made to drink water in your used glass everytime? Now you know what to do! 

The way you treat your dog speaks volumes of your humane disposition. Give back love for his love. That is why we are called humans