Paw Blogs

Perhaps the greatest show of love and affection can be achieved using the simplest of kisses. That is exactly how powerful a kiss is. Humans kiss one another as a mark of solidarity, expressing their love and respect. For such a show of love, why should kisses remain confined to the space between humans? We pet lovers also love and respect our pet dogs. So it is quite justifiable that we can spare a warm kiss for our furry friends.

All said and done, there always has been a qualm about the viability of kissing a dog. Dog owners have always had a polarized viewpoint in terms of the hygiene aspect of such a conduct. It is completely understandable and justified given the fact that dogs are quite notorious at poking their noses at some of the most unpalatable and uncensored places in the world. Naming a few places here is bound to make you cringe with disgust and should be best left to your wild imagination.

However, a recent study at the University of Arizona hypothesized the better effects of kissing your dog. The microbes contained in a dog's gut are believed to have a probiotic effect on the human body, much like the yoghurt! Surprised? Well we have done that more than once, so don’t be. Read on to know the five reasons why it is okay to kiss your dog.


The Emotional Connect
Simply put, kissing your dog enhances the bonding between you. Imagine how it has longed to see you throughout the day. A warm kiss is just the need of the hour to tell your pugster, how you have missed him too.


Stress Buster at a Smooch
If you have been feeling stressed due to the long hours at office or after a long fight with your wife for not getting her that diamond ring, just kiss your pooch and see how your stress vanishes in a jiffy! Kissing releases oxytocin in the blood, which eases stress.


Your dog loves you selflessly. No terms and conditions. What better way to reciprocate the feeling than to kiss him and thank him for all the unconditional love.


All Judgements Buried
You might be the most beautiful or otherwise, rich or poor, introvert or extrovert but you are the same for your dog. He is not judging you in any way, unlike humans. So just go ahead and kiss your dog!


Mutual Comfort
Snuggling in close and sharing a warm kiss with your dog during times of agony or sickness gives you hope and comfort. You and your dog know that there is someone to share the pain, always!


So, dispense with your qualms and go kiss your dog as much as you like without giving in to the naysayers!!!