Paw Blogs

A Golden Retriever mix in South Africa named Hero got to go from street dog to family pet after saving the life of his beloved canine friend. According to the SPCA Durban’s Facebook page, on March 18th, concerned citizens called the SPCA when two dogs were struck by a train.

With further investigation, it turned out that only one of the dogs was injured. The second pup, Hero, was simply refusing to leave his friend’s side. He tended to his struggling friend’s every need, even scavenging for food and bringing it back to her. When SPCA inspector Moloi picked up the injured dog, Hero stayed right by her side the whole way – like a guardian angel.

Unfortunately, Hero’s companion had suffered severe spinal trauma and rescuers were forced to humanely euthanized her.

After his incredibly heroic actions, Hero was put up for adoption. A post on the SPCA Durban’s website reads:

Hero is such an amazing dog! He is incredibly loving and desperate for affection. He simply adores belly rubs and begs for more whenever you stop! He is a little timid, but won’t let that get in the way of making new friends! He is currently in the Isolation kennels as he is recovering from kennel cough. Other than that he is healthy and happy and ready to find a new family to love and care for!

According to Independent Online, after this post, Hero got hundreds of adoption applications, and Shiri Connor, a mother of three was the lucky adopter. Shiri said the “valiant dedication of Hero” was what drew her to him after seeing the Facebook post on the SPCA’s page. After she had a dream about the dog she decided the very next day she had to meet Hero.