Paw Blogs

Your heart will be healthier
Studies have shown that petting a dog lowers a person’s heart rate. Therefore, dog owners are more likely to have a healthy heart. In fact, some research has shown that dog owners are much more likely to survive a heart attack compared to non-dog owners. Male pet owners in particular tend to experience a reduced rate of heart disease.

You may detect cancer sooner
A dog’s amazing sense of smell can be used for a variety of purposes, including cancer detection. Many dog owners have reported their dog sniffing, licking, or nudging spots that later turned out to be cancerous. One of the unexpected benefits of having a dog is that it may even save your life by helping you to detect cancer.

Dogs Are Better Than Medicine
In addition to boosting your mood, your dog is also great for your health. Your body reaps a lot of benefits from having your fur baby around. Dog owners have been found to have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, fewer heart attacks, and according to a study by the British Journal of Health (2004), dog owners also have the added benefit of having fewer medical problems than those without pets.

Your kids will be less likely to have allergies
Children who are raised around a dog are less likely to have allergies. In fact, living in a home with a dog can help kids grow up to have an increased immunity to pet allergies later in life.

Learning Responsibility
You never know what you can learn from owning a dog or pet, but one of the most valuable lessons is responsibility. Dogs require a lot of care; they need to be fed, walked, played with and trained. It takes discipline and self-motivation, life skills that have applications in all areas of life. The lessons that you learn from a dog are priceless, and you never know, they might just help you succeed in life and in your career!

You’ll feel safer
Dogs can be an effective home security system. Studies show that barking dogs deter burglars. Just knowing that you’ve got a dog who can use its keen sense of hearing to detect anyone prowling around can help increase your sense of security, which is good for both your mental and physical health.

A More Active Social Life
Polls show people trust others who have dog’s more than just random people walking on the street and are more likely to go up and interact with them. Even if you live alone, having a dog has the same emotional benefit as that of a human friendship.

Dogs Can Help Kids Grow Stronger
Getting your little one a furry companion can be beneficial! We all value our health and dogs can actually help contribute to keeping your child healthy just by being part of the family! According to Science Daily, kids who grow up with dogs in the home have fewer allergies and are less likely to have eczema. Kids with dogs in the home also have fewer sick days and grow up with higher levels of certain immune system supporters that keep them in tip-top shape as they get older.

Your Emotional Health
In addition to improving your physical health, dogs and other pets have been shown to be great for stress management and relief, which in turn reduces medical expenses for stress-related illnesses and even extends lifespan. Owning an animal can also decrease your level of loneliness, especially if you live by yourself or are home alone often. An animal loves you unconditionally. Having a dog can greatly improve your mood and alleviate symptoms of seasonal effective disorder or depression, if you are a sufferer.

Dogs are a lot of fun. There are also so many free activities that you can do with your dog or because you have a dog. One of our favorite places to go on the weekends is to the dog park. It is something we can do as a family and meet up with our other friends who have dogs. Learning how to train dogs is also a fun, challenging and very rewarding activity.

So, Why not go to the local shelter and adopt a stray today?