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Help Lucy find a Loving Home

I was born a stray ,but, its not my fault.

Hi, my name is Lucy. I am a small, playful and very friendy puppy. I used to live in Chabahil with my mum, my brothers and sisters, but, my mum died and there was no one left to look after me. I was very badly treated on the street, I was kicked and thrown stones at for no reason. All I wanted was some love. Then one day, a kind man found me, but, he already had 2 other dogs so he could not take me in, but, is looking after me for the moment.
I don’t want to go back to the street. I want to love and be loved in return and have a family.

Will you make me a part of your family?

Lucy (F / 6 weeks)
Adoption Email +977 9843079819