Paw Blogs

Hi, my name is Kanchi. I am a kind, gentle, playful and friendly female dog.

I may be a stray but will love you more than any breed dog would.

I had 6 puppies last year, one got killed in an accident, one got adopted and 4 were with me for 8 months. We were looked after by some good people in my neighbourhood. Then one day my children were taken from me and thrown somewhere far far away, I cried all week. Some kind people searched for them and took them to KAT Center. But, they were not brought back because Rajen and his family though something worse might be done to them.

I have been Spayed and Vaccinated, thanks to Sujana didi who took me to KAT Center and helped me, so that, I would not have to suffer the same fate of being separated from my babies once again. I live near Rajen's house and am fed daily by Rajen's family ,Sujana didi's family plus some good people here. I've never known the warmt and compassion of a loving home and hope someday I will.

Will you make me a part of your family?

Adoption Email +977 9843079819