About Us

Namaste to all the paw lovers out there. Dog is truly a man’s best friend, has nothing but love to give. We humans are really blessed to have one or more in our lives, to be loved and give back love to this gentle creature. But, some of our furry friends are unfortunate, have never known the warmth of a home or have felt the love in return.

We believe every dog deserves love and every dog should be cherished.  Our soul purpose is to raise voice for them, share their stories and if the good lord wishes find them a loving home. Because, Every Dog Matters.

We heart Paws is an initiative from Rajen Kaji Shrestha, a dog lover from Kathmandu, Nepal. He believes  every dog should be unconditionally loved the same way they love us. He has two adopted strays “Kaale” and “Lithium” who he loves with all his heart. Their love and affection was what made him a dog lover in first place.

Because, Every Dog Matters

Story Behind We Paws

To start with, I did not love dogs at first and then I got a little pup named Lithium. It was my third year in Engineering college and was facing some tough times. He was always there for me, never judged me once, only showered me with love.

He has been with me for 4 years now, we have laughed, we have cried, we have played and the best thing is he has never not loved me once. From then till today, I have loved the gentle race named Dog, as I have seen what most people don’t see in them. Their heart is full of love and nothing else, I am happy to say that, I have come close to many of these gentle creatures and got to know them as friends. I’ve tried to help them as much as I can to my level best. But, I don’t think that’s enough and I hope to find people who share my views and together we can help this gentle creature known as the Man’s Best Friend.

Lithium and me, when he was 2 months old. He is one of the best things that has hapenned to me.

I have come across many stray dogs in Kathmandu and have seen many cases where they have been abandoned, suffered, hurt, treated very badly. I also have seen them being loved and cared. But, I've seen a lot of pain in strays than love. Always wanted to help them, but couldn't figure out how?

There were four community dogs in my neighbourhood, I loved them all. The people in my community did not like them much and one day they were taken away and dumped. Just because they were strays, no other reason. Me and my family searched for days and finally found them and took them to KAT Center, they are one of the best when it comes to helping animals in Kathmandu. But, they could only stay there for a few weeks until they were spayed and vaccinated and had to be brought back.

Nani: She was the most playful.
Khairi: Older sister of Nani.
Saani: She always stayed with her mother Kanchi.

I tried a lot to make someone adopt them, give them a loving home they deserve, but, we did not find anyone willing to take them. We did our best as we could not bring back to our community as we were afraid that, something much worse might happen to them. So with a very heavy heart we had to take them to another place and leave them there. There's not a day that I don't remember them or any of the other cases of strays that I have come across.

This was the reason I started this site, to reach out to people, share their stories, their pain, how hard their lives are, to make people see what a few of us see in them and if the Good Lord wishes, find the strays like them a Loving Home.